First Class Life® Women's

Luxury Self-Care Retreat
Fiji Islands, July 22-29, 2022


I see you out there chasing after your goals! I see you taking care of your loved ones! I see you out there
doing all the things 
like the super woman you are! However, it’s time to stop living for everyone else and live for
 It’s time to truly live a First Class Life™ full of purpose, fulfillment, & happiness! The first step in doing that
is being intentional about prioritizing your self-care!


I'm talking an all-inclusive trip of a lifetime WITHOUT waiting for the kids to go off to college.

I'm talking a retreat getaway that will nourish your soul, enrich your views of the world and enhance the
clarity of your purpose
 on this Earth.



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You deserve nothing less than the best!

If you’re ready to shed the inauthentic masks you wear to please other people…
If you’re ready to stop living by the limited mentality society puts on you…
If you’re ready to fully immerse yourself in a luxury self-care experience…


Because basic is no longer okay, and it’s time to stop settling for leftovers.


Take a deep breath & imagine yourself flying away… 

Flying away to relax, rejuvenate and truly recharge your mind, body, and spirit with no men, no kids, and no business responsibilities to pull you away from your self-care moment!
Flying away to dig your toes in the sand on a remote tropical island with lush rainforest gardens and crystal clear beach waters! 
Flying away to a vibrant Fijian marketplace full of smiling locals with freshly picked eats and handcrafted goods made just for you!
Flying away to experience a culturally rich and uplifting Fijian church service (revered by travel bloggers as a “must have experience no matter your beliefs”)!
Flying away to mouthwatering, aromatic cuisine that was freshly picked, freshly caught, and freshly prepared by your resident chef!
Flying away to fully immerse yourself in your personal development with top experts that ultimately increases your confidence, clarity, focus and productivity and allows you to maximize your impact! 
Flying away to bond with a newly formed sisterhood that “gets” you and supports you! 
Now stop imagining and make this your reality because you deserve all of this and more! And here’s your chance to get it at the First Class Life™ Women’s Luxury Self-Care Retreat!


  • 8 phenomenal days & 7 luxurious nights in a botanical bure (villa) on the tropical islands of Fiji.*

  • welcome reception with hors d’oeuvres.

  • Two 45-minute coaching sessions with Lindsey Vertner.

  • 6 mini workshops to increase your self-care, self-worth, & self-discipline. Speakers to be announced soon.

  • $300 FJD resort credit to treat yourself as you please. Use it at the spa, in the gift boutique, on additional excursions, where ever you’d like.

  • highly unique, cultural experience ONLY created for our First Class Life™ group. It’s a surprise! And yeah! It’s exclusive and intentionally curated only for us! Not available to the average visitor!

  • 3 freshly prepared gourmet meals per day (breakfast, lunch, & dinner).

  • 3 complimentary drinks per day. Choose from freshly squeezed fruit juices/smoothies, soda, and wine/alcohol/cocktails. (Water, tea, & coffee are always available at no additional charge).

  • Refresh your spirit with an exclusive group tour of the crystal clear waters from the local waterfall.

  • Daily yoga on the beach…in the rainforest…by the pool – you decide!

  • Roundtrip ground transfers to Savusavu Airport.

  • First Class Life™ Retreat souvenir book.

  • First Class Life™ Retreat VIP gift.

  • First Class Life™ Retreat private Facebook community to begin bonding with the other

  • VIP ladies.

  • All resort activities (cultural demonstrations, cycling, kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, etc.)

  • private farewell dinner under the sunset with a breathtaking view.

  • A transformational time of your life...your First Class Life™!

* Rooms are double occupancy. Limited single rooms are available with an additional investment.

Still nervous to bet on yourself?

Listen! I understand that you may still be feeling a little anxious about saying “YES” to yourself at this level, but I cannot reiterate enough that you are more than worth it! So, let’s talk about it!

“I can’t afford to go on this retreat.”
That’s the fear talking! You can’t afford NOT to go on this retreat! Did you know that a lack of self-care causes moodiness, irritability, trouble sleeping, inability to focus, weight fluctuation, and more! A lack of self-care damages your emotional health which increases your risk of depression, anxiety, or worse! When you aren’t fully intentional about all aspects of your self-care, it starts to show up in your emotional and physical well-being! Unfortunately, we usually blame these side effects on other things not realizing that the majority of them started (and gradually grew) as a result of a lack of self-care.

“I don’t want to room with a stranger!”

Absolutely understandable! You have 3 options:

  1. You can invest an additional amount to upgrade to a private bure.

  2. Invite your bestie to experience this moment with you!

  3. Get out of your comfort zone and go ahead and room with another VIP retreat lady! I promise she won’t feel like a stranger once everyone starts connecting in the Facebook community! You’ll be excited to meet her! Also, all ladies will have the opportunity to complete a quick survey so that you can be paired with your perfect match!

“If I change my mind, can I get a refund?”
The most successful and powerful women in the world are decision makers, and they commit to their decisions! Period! Refunds give you an easy way out, but powerful women like you don’t need them! (Plus, often times vendors, partners, and customized items are paid for in advance before the retreat ever even starts!) If absolutely necessary and under approved special circumstances, balances may be transferred.

“No refunds? But what if something comes up?”
Here’s the thing, Sis…something will always come up! That’s why so many women settle for less than because when you finally work up the courage to truly invest in yourself, something comes up and you pull back! I’ve been in your shoes at this level and beyond! And stuff came up, but I figured it out because I was committed to my decision (plus, I couldn’t get a refund anyway)! Ultimately, when you want something bad enough and you commit to your decision to get it, the universe works WITH you to make it happen! And you will feel so empowered in the end!

"Why do we have to go all the way to Fiji though?"
Why not? Don't limit your growth with a limited mindset! You deserve to stop settling for another trip around the corner! It's easy to go on a weekend trip just a few hours away. But that means that it's also easy to still be distracted by our families, friends, and colleagues back home!  This trip is all about you with complete immersion in self-care for your mind, body, and soul!

"But I'm a mom, and there's no way I can leave my family for that long!"
Yes, you can, and they'll be fine! I know because I've told myself that lie before, too! You've got almost a year to get them situated! Think about are your interactions with your family when you're pulled in every which way and drained from the day? Now compare that to when you are operating at your highest potential and feeling the happiest. When you return from this retreat, that last feeling will be maximized beyond belief!

"But I work. I can't take those days off!"
Yes, you can! According to CNBC, only 28% of Americans max out their vacation days. You know what that tells me...that they're living to work instead of truly enjoying life and taking necessary time for themselves. Don't be one of those people!

"But I have a business. I can't leave my clients."
Say it with me, "Yes, you can!" You have an almost a year to prep your team, prep your clients, and plan a launch that still gets you paid while you're away!

"What about that ugly C-word?"
What? Cellulite? It's okay, Sis! Hashtag no judgment zone! Bring you and any perceived cellulite with you! I'll love you just the same! Ooooh, wait! You meant COVID? Well, one monkey don't stop no show! Should that heifer still be around, then, of course, all precautionary measures will be taken before, during, and after. Worst case scenario, we will reschedule to a future date OR we will travel to another location of equal quality, if we are unable to travel due to COVID. But word on the travel streets and with my Fiji contact is that we should be all systems go come next July! With the release of the COVID vaccine, things are slowly but surely returning to "normal". 

"Do I need a passport?"
Unless you're a Fijian resident, then yes. Yes, you do. And your passport cannot expire within 6 months of traveling. That means that if your passport expires any time between February through July need to renew. If you don't have a passport yet, apply ASAP! Don't wait until the last minute because that will only result in unnecessary stress and unnecessary fees! If you don't have a passport, I'd suggest you apply by March 31st at the absolute latest so that there is no added stress about "will it be back in time?"

"What about flights?"
You will be staying on the island of Vanua Levu. You'll fly into Nadi International Airport and then take a domestic flight to Savusavu Airport. Ground transfers will be included to transport you from Savusavu Airport to and from the resort. Flights need to be purchased by July 10, 2022. If needed, you can check out that allows you to select your flight and purchase with a payment plan. 

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