Looking to Overcome Life's Obstacles?

Be inspired by these 35 testimonies of faith. Each story is uniquely different. From grief and loss to poverty and molestation. From death and destruction to infertility and infidelity. From abuse and illness to forgiveness and so much more! Telling their stories of faith in an authentic way is sure to help the authors encourage others across the globe through their difficulties.

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Aisha Taylor

Healing the Past for a Purposeful Future
Deserted while 4-months pregnant with twins and left with the verbal scars left by her boyfriend, read how Aisha gets back up again.

Angel S. McAllister

The Breakdown Before the Break-Through
Overworked and under appreciated. Broken. Angel shares how her breakdown led to her amazing breakthrough.

Angela Shontel

Father, Why Have You Forsaken Me?
How do you pick up the fragmented pieces of your life after you've petitioned God for a miraculous healing and He doesn't heal?

Angela Valadez

Victory Through Trust in God
She was sick, but had no intentions of dying. She found God's Healing Power...operating through someone one might least expect.

Annie Perkins

There's Always A Light
She threw herself into volunteerism so she didn't have to focus on her dark, traumatic-filled life. Then the Light of Life was shown in darkness.

Blessie Vergara

Blessie shares how she was met with Love and Compassion upon sharing something she'd held in for so long…

Chanel Spencer

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
When she awoke from a failed, attempted suicide, she grabbed hold of hope, learned to change her thought life and found the truth about her.

Min. Charntrina Spring

My Pain, His Plan
How she went from questioning if there even was a God, to finding salvation through the television set, to becoming a powerhouse for Christ.

Denise R. Garner

No Longer A Slave To The Master Deceiver
Her story of how she went from being a side chick in bondage to being seen in the light and in the open by her Master.

Diva Moore

Work While You Wait
Get lost in the words of Diva Moore as she explains why a little work has never hurt anyone. It was her work ethic that led her to her Boaz.

Domonique M. Venable

God is the Real GPS
How God made her over after the infidelity, after the pill addiction and after a run in with the law...

Doose Jimoh

Her loss of hearing started at age 9 and boy was it tough! But today, she refuses to allow her deafness to define who she is or what she can do.

Edith Richards

Faith During Difficult Times
The common phrase in her arsenal, "the blood of Jesus." is what's helped her survive the wiles of the devil in the streets of NYC.

Erica Lawrence

Thou Shalt Not Have Baby Mama Drama
After deciding to have a child against the advice of most, her boyfriend walks out…she had no other choice but to rely on the provisions of God.

Haley Elise

The Deep Roots of Forgiveness
Her mom taught her to forgive by displaying forgiveness--the same forgiveness Haley would have to learn to give at the age of 13.

Kerseclia L. Patterson

A Case Too Advanced For Treatment
If you need to see the power of God move in your life, read how Kerseclia used the power of corporate prayer to save her child.

Kisha Fox

3 Mistakes to Avoid While Grieving
Losing young siblings wasn't anything she could've prepared for. Effectively grieving wasn't second nature. She had it wrong, but you don't have to.

LaShun Thrasher

The Wakeup Call
LaShun poses two questions: Whose report will you believe? The police's or what the spirit of God is saying to you about the situation?

LaTisha Rush

Faith in the Valley
How she used courageous faith and trust in God to guide her through the valleys of the shadows of death and into the light on the other side of it all.

Lena McNair

Tears To Triumph
He didn't even make it to the altar on their scheduled wedding day, forcing her to take a cruise alone and unwed...see how Lena's nightmare began and ends.

Lindsey Vertner

Life After Death
After the car she was driving flipped multiple times, pinning her head between the car and the ground, doctor's have up on her. Do you believe in miracles?

Lisa Manfroi

Storms of Life--Lessons to Learn
See how this mid-west gal from Nebraska parallels tornado storms to life storms. Plus, how she's faired through life's storms by faith in God's love for her.

Melicca Pollard

Becoming a Better Team Captain
She had to get in the game of her thought life and not sit on the bench passively allowing her negative thoughts to rule…it almost cost her her life once.

Michelle Horne

Breaking Free
Sometimes you just gotta war in the spirit to break the generational curses you see on your family. Michelle got real and stopped playing with the devil.

Monica McGowan

God, My Perpetual Protector & Provider
Her mother takes her to a police station and tells the officer behind the desk, "I don't want her anymore." Guess who takes her in? See how Monica's story unfolds.

Dr. Nichole Peters

Born to Rock The Warrior Within
The pistol against her forehead changed her path. Her negative past and unlawful activity were no match for the new her. Experience God's transformative power in her story.

Nicky Johnson

For Mothers-to-Be Who Have Lost Their Faith
Weary and exhausted from the emotional peaks of trying to conceive a child to call their own, Nicky and husband had given up, but God was drawing nigh.

Nicole Jackson

Stop Filling the Hole--Start Filling Your S.I.O.L.
What's worth more? The anger and negativity of your story that you're holding onto, or your healing by way of forgiveness? You get to choose.

Noreen N. Henry

Life Without the Right Knowledge
We do better when we know better, but in the meantime, we can get ourselves into some messy situations. Come on God!

Renette Boyd

Storms of Life--Lessons to Learn
The hurtful phrase that left her to find her way through a sea of emotions for years. See how God's love can penetrate and heal the hurt in your heart.

Shay Ann Lankford

The Weight of the Wait
There's renewal in the waiting. If you're still waiting for God to do something for you, read the lessons Shay Ann's learned about the waiting season.

Tanya Lenoir

FEAR, You Have No Place Here!
She fearfully spent years feeling she'd be the next one cursed, that's until she understood how an intimate relationship with God could change it all.

Vivian Stevens-Lyons

The Pain, The Prayer, & The Purpose
She overcame challenges to forge her own independence in a world much bigger than her. She made it--on a wing and a prayer! Watch as her humble beginnings blossom.

Yinka Keshiro

A Broken Relationship Restore
If you've ever been told the, "It's not you, it's me" line during a breakup, perhaps hearing from a male's perspective will do your single heart some good.

Yonique Watkins

When Fallen, God's Grace Is Sufficient
Ever done something outside of God's will that felt unforgiveable or made you feel like you're sitting on the outskirts of God's grace? Think again.

Dr. Elise -Harney

"It is my prayer that you will find transformation in the pages... that your soul will find solace and that your heart will find healing."