8 Reasons to Give Personalized Insulated Coffee Mugs

The kids are writing lists, the office has a sparkling tree, and festive tunes are drifting out of every radio. Christmas time is here again!

Choosing the best Christmas gifts is already a challenge. But, choosing Christmas gifts that won’t get thrown in the trash during a spring clean is even tougher. Too many Christmas gifts are novelty items, designed to be enjoyed for a short time, thrown away, and forgotten.

This Christmas, why not give your friends, co-workers, and loved ones something more memorable. Something they can use every day of the year. Something personal. And, something that’s 100% recyclable. A personalized insulated coffee mug.

Here are eight reasons why personalized insulated coffee mugs make the best Christmas gifts.

Why Are Personalized Insulated Coffee Mugs the Best Christmas Gifts?
Personalized Insulated Coffee Mugs for Christmas
Insulated stainless steel coffee mugs are ten times better at keeping drinks hot than disposable coffee mugs. As the chill creeps in, your giftee will really appreciate a coffee mug that keeps their winter beverage warm for hours. The 350 ml FLASKE Coffee Mug keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours; just what every busy bee needs. It’s not just for coffee either. An insulated travel coffee mug is perfect for teas, hot chocolates, mulled wine, and other warming beverages.

The best thing about giving insulated coffee mugs as Christmas gifts is that they’re useful in summer too. Your friends and family can fill their brand new FLASKE travel coffee mug with the iced beverage of their choice, then enjoy it cold for up to 24 hours. The opening is wide enough for ice cubes and super easy to clean. It’s safer than disposable cups

The problems with drinking from disposable mugs, most of which have plastic-liners, are no secret. Many contain harmful chemicals, such as BPA, that start to break down when filled with hot liquids. You can protect the health of your loved one with an 18/8 food-grade stainless steel coffee mug that’s free from toxic chemicals.

Of course, the best Christmas gifts should also be stylish. Insulated coffee mugs tick that box perfectly. They come in a selection of bold colors which makes them excellent Christmas gifts for men and women of all ages and styles.

Great for the daily commute, kids camping trips, weekend hikes, minimizing office waste, or for keeping your drinks at the right temperature while doing jobs at home. Because insulated coffee mugs are so useful, you can be confident that your gift won’t be resifted, no matter who you give it to. That’s why reusable coffee mugs make great corporate Christmas gifts or delightful secret Santa gifts.

Christmas is a terrible time of year for the environment because there’s so much extra shopping, food waste, and plastic packaging. A high-quality reusable coffee mug is a gift that helps to counteract the extra waste. Your gifted can get their daily coffee to go in their new insulated coffee mug and keep hundreds of disposable cups out of landfill.

Plus, if you buy your personalized coffee mug from FLASKE, it will be sent to you in 100% recyclable packaging. And, 10% of FLASKE profits will go to the Plastic Soup Foundation.

A high-quality insulated coffee mug is a Christmas gift that doesn’t cost a fortune. It isn’t cheap or tacky either. A name-engraved insulated coffee mug that’s built to last a lifetime costs just under €40.

Although insulated coffee mugs are useful Christmas gifts for everyone, they don’t have to be impersonal. Engrave the name of each person on your Christmas list or, customize the mug with a personal message for the special people in your life.

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Instead of a single-use novelty gift that’s bound to end up in the trash and in the oceans, give your colleagues, family, and friends a Christmas gift that they will appreciate for years to come.